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Fiction, Blogging

I'm a junior in college majoring in Health Science, I love to read and I am hoping to support fellow black women who love to write.


Poetry, Fiction, Journalism, Screen Writing, Blogging, (I'm trying everything rn LOL even plays)

My name is pronounced R-E-L and I'm trying right now to figure out what genre I wanna focus on when it comes to writing!


Blogging, Academic Papers

Akisha Robinson

Fiction, Journalism, Blogging, Academic Papers

Currently K teacher. Always into book clubs and book shopping trips/dates.


Poetry, Fiction, Blogging, Academic Papers

I've always loved writing but I was finally brave enough this year to dedicate my life to writing. I'm 27 years old and I'm looking forward to the journey ahead.


Poetry, Fiction, Screen Writing, Blogging, Academic Papers

My name is Aaliyah and I'm currently getting ready to become a senior in high school. I have never really written besides 1 writing competition and random little stories in my notebook but I do enjoy writing. I just recently started trying to get back to writing.

Adrian Daggett

Poetry, Fiction, Journalism, Blogging, Academic Papers, Fan Fiction

I am a senior at Norfolk State University, working on a B.A. in English with a concentration in creative writing, minoring in journalism

Adrienne Beckham

Poetry, Fiction, Journalism, Blogging, Play Writing


Poetry, Fiction


Journalism, Screen Writing


Poetry, Fiction, Screen Writing, Academic Papers

I am a southern gothic writer from Kentucky. I'm currently getting my MFA in Fiction.


Poetry, Blogging

I am an up and coming poet who has been blessed to perform and to have such a talent and touch people with my words. I hope to continue allowing God to push me and to touch the lives of others using poetry as my outlet/ministry.

Akira Johnson

Screen Writing, Blogging, Controversial topics

I am a black community activist and I am the first generation to go to college. I am also looking to network with other black women. I'm a stem major as well.


Fiction, Screen Writing

Paralegal/Law student by day. Young writer just trying to get better at her craft by morning/night/lunch break

Alia Aluma - Baigent

Poetry, Fiction, Journalism, Screen Writing, Blogging, Academic Papers

I have been supporting myself and my travels around the globe by working as a writer and artists in exchange for room and board. Writing is the reason I survive.

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